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Guidelines for forum members
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Cryptoego Forum Rules & Regulations

Postby Bola » Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:15 pm

Dear Members,

Cryptoego is a forum focusing on digital currencies, investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and the future of the financial industry.

Please Observe the Following Guidelines:

Guidelines for Forum Members

1.) All forum posts must be written in English language, we do not have moderators in other languages.
2.) Compose your post correctly: descriptive topics, spell check words, good grammar and punctuation etc.
3.) No spamming or other illegal acts such as plagiarism, hacking, software piracy, promoting war or conflict, racism, tribalism etc.
4.) No hateful or offensive post towards religion, sex, race, tribe, political party or nation
5.) No stealing of a forum thread by changing the subject.
6.) No posting of any personal information about you or someone else.
7.) No trolling or badgering by posting insulting messages with the intention of baiting others
8.) No cyberbullying by posting or sending threatening messages.
9.) No posting of pornographic pictures or videos on
10.) Do not post false information on
11.) Do not violate member's privacy by posting their personal information, picture or discussion without permission.
12.) Do not complain against moderators, if there are concerns send private messages.
13.) Do not create another account after a ban
14.) Do not repeat an existing post or cross post by posting same topic in more than one forum
15.) No money laundering or begging for money
16.) Do not take advantage of members because the nature of transactions in cryptocurreny industry is anonymous
17.) Do not meet with any member physically in private places, we do not carry out background checks on members
18.) Be polite to every member of the forum

Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
The Cryptoego Team
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